Chad Ochocinco Released from NFL team via @EvataTigerRawr

June 7, 2012 0

Chad Ochocino: Why would the Patriots Release the Veteran?

By: @EvataTigerRawr

chaddie-300x196 Chad Ochocinco Released from NFL team via @EvataTigerRawr

Oh no! Chad Ochocinco, New England Patriots wide receiver, was just DROPPED from the Pats. Chad Ochocinco is a football player by day, soccer player at lunch, and TV personality when the sun goes down. He’s got a lot going on but was it too much that distracted him from his day job? There could be many reasons to why he and Patriots organization didn’t work out. Surely, it wasn’t because his athletic ability. Ochocinco is a veteran in the game, and at 34, he’s still got some juice left to play his position. A couple weeks before training camp? This is a disaster and Ochocinco is going to have to work fast to come up with a “get-contract-quick” scheme.

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