40 Oz Van Makes It Into The NY Post

August 12, 2013 0

2ec1076e029a11e3904822000a1fc3ed_7 40 Oz Van Makes It Into The NY Post

Yet another milestone was achieved for fashionista turned entrepreneur 40oz Van. The New York native received an impressive feature in print/online media outlet NY Post this past Saturday!

“A day in the life of “40 oz Van” would probably kill a lesser man. From the outside looking in, Van’s life is like one long music video, full of fun, scantily clad women and enough weed to give Snoop Dogg emphysema.

When Van throws a party — as he did in Riverside Park a few years ago — so many people show up that the cops and helicopters have to be called in. There he is on his NSFW Tumblr blog, reclining in an oceanfront mansion somewhere. There he is in a nightclub. There he is with Rihanna. “You’re only young for so long,” he says. “I try to take advantage of everything.”

And taking advantage he is. The 26-year-old Van, whose real name is Joel Fuller, has improbably spun a life on the downtown party scene into a fashion empire. The baseball caps that he began manufacturing and selling last year have become one of the hottest accessories for everyone from music artists, such as Frank Ocean, Swizz Beatz and Rick Ross, to Soho skater kids.” (Read Full Feature HERE.)

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