Money Makin Nique Talks his project “Guyana Gold”, working with Gianni Lee & More with HHS1987 (Video)

March 22, 2014 0

After his SXSW performance at the Yahoo/Monster Street Execs & Beer and Tacos stage, HHS1987 sat down with Atlanta wordsmith Money Makin Nique to discuss his project “Guyana Gold”, working with Babylon Cartel’s own Gianni Lee and the Hoodrich team for his project, the importance of SXSW and more.

Money Makin Nique gave us some quailty insight on artist truly taking advantage of SXSW. When asked the importance of SXSW Nique replied, ” SXSW is all about raising the awareness. If you want to do stages stop doing pointless ass stages, do stages that count”.
Money Makin Nique went on to discuss what we can expect for him as 2014 moves on. Nique let us know this is just the beginning. “I can always get better. I made Guyana Gold, let’s see what else we can do”. “Guyana Gold took two years to create, we’re gonna take a year promoting it”
The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by Brian Da Director.

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