AllHipHop Profiles Murda Mook For The Debut Installment Of Their New “Profiles In Battle Rap” Series!

August 13, 2014 0

murdamook AllHipHop Profiles Murda Mook For The Debut Installment Of Their New “Profiles In Battle Rap” Series!

Today kicked off their new “Profiles In Battle Rap” Series and who else but the reigning champ Murda Mook was called upon to help break it in. Check out the Yohance Kyles written and curated profile below!

Over the next several weeks will highlight some of the battle rap stars that helped elevate the sport to an international phenomenon. Up first is one of New York’s finest – Murda Mook.



Harlem, New York

Years Experience


Style Known For (ie: aggression, wordplay, punch lines, freestyle)

All of the above!


Dot Mobb



Leagues Competed In

Smack/URL, Fight Klub, Total Slaughter


Street SmartSchool’s OutCountdown To MurdaUntouchableMurda He Wrote

Favorite Battle (Participant)

Me vs. Loaded Lux (Part 1)

Favorite Battle (Non-Participant)

T-Rex vs. Math Hoffa

One Of Your All-Time Hottest Lines

“Remember A.I. crossed Mike out his sneakers?/It seemed so much worse cause we ain’t think Mike had a weakness/Off of that one move, A.I. got his fame/They forgot Jordan had 35 and still won the game!”

Your Battle Rap Mount Rushmore

Me, Loaded Lux, T-Rex, Jae Millz

One Mainstream Rapper You’d Like To Battle


Name One Battler You Think Could Possibly Beat You On Their Absolute A-Game

No one!

Artists You’ve Worked With Musically

Akon, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Raekwon, Bow Wow, Ron Browz, Ma$e, Ginuwine, Slim of 112

Your Battle Rap Hit List

Only person I want is Eminem.

Top 5 Emcees DOA

Eminem, Jay Z, Big L, Biggie, Tupac

Do You Prefer To Participate In A Debatable Battle Or A Clear Victory?

I prefer a clear victory. I love to win, and I want my win to be a unanimous, hands down win.

Where Do You See Battle Rap Going In The Future?

Battle rap will take over the music industry. Battle rappers will become millionaires. Right now it’s the release from the “b.s.” in Hip Hop, because fans can hear real lyrics.


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