Jay-Z/Solange & Ray Rice Elevator Incidents Inspired “Law & Order: SVU” In New Episode (Video)

October 2, 2014 0
Writers for Law & Order: SVU take a lot of real life happenings into consideration when mapping out their episodes. In their most recent one, which aired last night (Oct. 1st), they emulated bits & pieces from the Jay-Z/Solange & Ray Rice domestic violence situations.
The episode is titled ‘American Disgrace’ & revolves around a famous basketball star being accused of raping one of his employees. Footage of an elevator altercation got leaked to “LMZ” &  now has the media in a frenzy. The elevator scene in this episode is parallel to what happened with the Knowles-Carter family; there is no audio to the video clip.
Huffington Post reviewed the episode & reports as follows:
SVU takes on the Ray Rice elevator assault and the Jay Z and Solange elevator fight in the latest episode to show just how ambiguous scandals can be when there’s no audio and only raw camera footage.
A few hints of the very recent LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, situation are in this installment as well. Preview above.

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