Kosha Dillz x Asher Roth – Rolling with Kosha Dillz (Video)

March 22, 2014 2

Kosha Dillz gives us a glimpse into how he does SXSW, with the latest video from his documentary in progress. The video paints a hectic picture of what its like to run around with ‘The Hardest Working Guy in Hip-Hop’ during the Austin festival. Set to the tracks “We Are Different” and “Where My Homies Be” from his latest album Awkward In A Good Way, the video is a chronological yet haphazard string of clips shot during the four days that Kosha was followed by Darah Golub, his documentarian of the past three plus years.
The video is not only a taste of Dillz — his hustle and flow, how he interacts and takes full advantage of every situation, it’s also a glimpse into the beast that is SXSW. From arriving in Texas we see Dillz with his festival sidekick, young DJ Sam Sidereel, and emcee Flex Matthews as he maneuvers his way into a Univision street interview, hosting his own Oy Vey party, sneaking in to meet Carson Daly at an Angel Haze show, teaching rap to yoga babies, sneaking into a show to say what up to Peter Rosenberg, rocking the clothes he’s given along the way, checking out Raekwon’s live show, and of course, rocking the mic all day and staying up all night on the laptop, sleeping on the floor, never forgetting to tweet, pass out a flyer, shake a hand, and smile. This video portrays the nonstop ride that is the hustle of Rami Matan Even Esh, a/k/a Kosha Dillz. All this in 4 days is typical for Dillz.
But ultimately, as Asher Roth says in a heartfelt moment at the very end of the 4 minutes, the video reveals the power of music and the dedication to making music a livelihood.
Kosha Dillz – Awkward In A  Good Waybit.ly/koshadillzawkward

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