No Disrespect To You Lupe Fiasco, But Mos Def Says That Rap Battle Is Not Happening & Here’s Why..

August 10, 2015 0

First & foremost, I’m sure our Hip-Hop legends find much humor in the art of “battle rap” in 2015..

A few days ago, a video leaked to the net of Yasiin Bey, FKA Mos Def, challenging any rapper to a battle.

Me, Black Thought and King Los versus anybody — everybody.. Battle anybody. I don’t care who you tell. Red Bull Music Academy, put up a mil on that, and we’ll give our winnings to charity… Tired of these dudes pretending like they dope — you alright, but relax.. The dope n**gas that think they dope, you ain’t as dope as you think… I know n**gas be thinking I’m crazy — whatever. I ain’t playin’

Lupe Fiasco being the only emcee brave enough to accept the challenge took to his Instagram account to let Hip-Hop know that he’ll battle Mos Def… & write his own rap (he took a slight jab at the Drake ghostwriting situation).

If Mos wanna battle, he can get a whiff of the wrath, and I’m behind all these bars don’t to tap Miller for some genuine drafts

Alas, this battle will never see the light of day. The leaked video where Mos made the blatant statements that got great emcees like Lupe geared up for war was actually never intended to been seen or heard by the public. In a recent interview with Ferrari Sheppard, he justified his statements, still standing behind every word he said.

I stand behind the statement, but, at the same time, I’m not trying to arrange some sort of exhibition. I see certain people, I have an opinion about them. It’s a private opinion made public, I will say again, without my knowledge or permission or consent. So, that’s a violation.

Mos says that his statements were made in general about rap culture.

We are the only culture that this atmosphere has been constructed around.. Some of that is self-perpetuated, but all of it is not self-inflicted. It’s threatening to turn the whole thing, or a fair portion of the thing, into some gladiator tournament.

So, with that being said, we won’t have any battle rap news for your headlines concerning Mos Def. No one is getting a wedgie. No one is getting dissed “Back to Back”. Save the drama for your mama folks.. The legend has spoken.

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