Cory Hardrict Talks Starring In ‘Brotherly Love’, Being In ‘American Sniper’ & Upcoming Films (Video)

April 3, 2015 0

cory-hardrict-talks-starring-in-brotherly-love-being-in-american-sniper-upcoming-films-HHS1987-2015-500x279 Cory Hardrict Talks Starring In 'Brotherly Love', Being In 'American Sniper' & Upcoming Films (Video)

HHS1987 was live on the red carpet of ‘Brotherly Love’ movie premiere in Philadelphia, Pa on March 31, 2015. We were able to get a quick interview with one of the films stars, Cory Hardrict. Cory tells us how he landed the role in the film, his character role in the film and more. He talks about being in ‘American Sniper’ which has grossed over $600 million to date. He also talks about his upcoming films coming out before the interview comes to an end.

Set on the backdrop of Philadelphia’s famed Overbrook High School, we track the lives of the nations number one high school basketball player Sergio Taylor as he deals with the early pressures of hood fame. His older brother June who had basketball dreams of his own, but after the death of their father he resorted to the allure of the streets to fill the financial void in the home. Finally, their sister Jackie the princess of the bunch who has strong ambitions to pursue a musical career, but is suddenly side tracked by an unexpected encounter with teenage love. This story takes place in a city where the life expectancy of a black male is twenty-five years of age. A city that had over four hundred murders last year alone, and where the unemployment rate is at an all time high. This story is painted with a kaleidoscope of music, sports, and characters that will bring the last two generation closer together by allowing them to see the inner lives of our youths in the journey of Brotherly Love.

Watch the trailer below.

This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s EMoney and shot by Rick Dange.

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