No Chill: Amber Rose Disses Kanye West At The Supper Club LA (Video)

May 8, 2015 0

Amber Rose strikes again. It’s probably best not to play any of Kanye’s records if she’s hosting your event, & obviously the DJ who was spinning at The Supper Club in Los Angeles the other night didn’t get the memo.

This is how the story goes. The DJ began to play some of Kanye’s music, Rose getes on stage, grabs the mic, & stops everything. Then she proceeded to tell everyone how she REALLY felt:

Stop playing niggas I used to fuck..

We thought that was it for the shots, but just as soon as the DJ began to play some of that new Future, she stopped him again.

Why don’t we play the nigga that writes the songs for the other nigga.. Travi$ Scott.. Lets go.

Either we learned something new today or Amber Rose was just too drunk & yapping at the mouth. Nevertheless, she just opened up a can of worms. We know Kanye probably won’t directly strike back, but he just might subliminally get at her. Stay tuned!

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