“The Battle Academy” Presents – Kaboom vs Kwalker

August 23, 2017 0

kaboom-vs-kwalker-500x281 "The Battle Academy" Presents - Kaboom vs Kwalker

Philadelphia has always been known as one of the most lyrical cities in the United States. Almost every rapper that makes it from here comes from some sort of battle rap background. Now in 2017, Philly is ready to make a major mark in the battle rap world with a new league emerging called “The Battle Academy”. Last weekend “The Battle Academy” held a battle in Philly between 2 hot battle rappers from the city, Kaboom and Kwalker. The battle was hosted by Stizz, one of the creators of “The Battle Academy”, and brought out some of the biggest rappers in the city. Watch the battle below and let us know who you think won! And be on the lookout for more new battles and content from “The Battle Academy” coming soon!!

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