Jack Harlow Talks Louisville’s Music & Culture, ‘Gazebo’, Private Garden, Rick Pitino, the Boston Celtics & More on TheseUrbanTimes

November 7, 2017 0

Recently, Louisville native/ music artist Jack Harlow joined Terrell Thomas at the desk on ThesseUrbanTimes.


With his movement growing and his new project ‘Gazebo’ set to be releasing later this month, Jack Harlow spoke on his music and growing wit his crew Private Garden. Highlighting how his new project ‘Gazebo’ sounds “like nighttime”, Jack Harlow broke down the process of creating ‘Gazebo’ and what he expects from this project.


After speaking on his love for the world of Sports, we also spoke to Jack Harlow on a few sports topics close to his heart. Mentioning his love for the Boston Celtics, we spoke on the current state of the Celtics and the early season play of Kyrie Irving. Right in his backyard of Louisville, the college basketball program has been in news headlines all Summer. We spoke on the state of the Louisville Cardinals and former Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino’s legacy.


Before we concluded the interview Jack Harlow spoke on gearing up to hit the road for a upcoming ‘Gazebo’ tour, who he would love to working with in the music world and more. Jack Harlow’s new project ‘Gazebo’ is set to be released on November 17th.


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