Is That Nicki? Is That Cardi? No, It’s Queen Naija

August 6, 2018 0

queennewspost Is That Nicki? Is That Cardi? No, It's Queen Naija


There once was a time, many years ago, when becoming a YouTube sensation was easily achievable. Before many YouTube viewers became content creators and “vloggers,” finding the guru of any topic was readily accessible. As years have gone by and millions of dollars have been earned by content creators, through popular and consistent uploads that range from DIYs to unbelievable challenges–music has always been the one category on YouTube that not too many personalities, besides Soulja Boy, have been able to conquer and totally innovate. But now, there is Queen Naija.

Already having memes made about her as “goals,” Queen Naija picked up a camera and started uploading videos on YouTube roughly two years ago just to vent or be silly, or in her unique case, share daily moments with her husband and toddler son. With hundreds of videos accumulating over 400 million views on former joint YouTube channel with her then-husband and a little over 200 million views accumulated on her independent channel, you would think life would be perfect. However, money, clothes and fancy cars don’t always bring happiness and content. When fame changed the person she had struggled with for years, Queen Naija had to stay true to her biological name and become the Queen that she had forgotten all about. Although, headstrong on saving a jaded marriage, Queen conjured enough courage to write through her pain and victimization of infidelities and disappointment, and wrote what would be her life-changing smash hit, “Medicine.” From monumental visual streaming over 20 million views to become the official anthem for every woman ever done wrong; one would think that Queen got lucky. However, Queen Naija continued to fire up the charts, unsigned, with an, even more, spicier revenge song, “Karma.” Since then, Queen Naija has changed our views on YouTube singers forever.

Since moving from her remote location in Houston, Texas–Detroit native Queen Naija has practically become New York family by affiliation, thanks to her spectated Bronx boyfriend Clarence, who is a popular model and also clothing designer on social media. Recently signing to Capitol Records after “Medicine” shattered charts on all streaming platforms, and deemed Queen Naijia as YouTube’s “Artist on The Rise,” New York City congratulated Queen with a warm and havoc welcome in Times Square on Tuesday, August 1st. Queen Naija, who made the announcement two days prior via Instagram that she would be arriving at 42nd Street and Broadway around 2:00 pm, found herself smothered by die-hard supporters and spectators. Police and security were nearly enough to get her through the crowd as fans pulled on her and screamed out their love for her. Queen graciously rode the shoulders of security like royalty, through the waves of love as she smiled and got to safety. The rapid love growing for Queen Naija may appear to be a shocker for some because many had no idea that she had a huge following and fan base before signing any legal contracts. Thanks to Royalty Squad, the name deemed for her supporters, Queen has been pushed right into the frontdoor of many labels who sought after her–before ultimately signing to Capitol Records. Basically, Queen Naija was Queen Naija before she was “Queen Naija.”

After the news-worthy mania caused in NYC, speculations took over social media claiming that Nicki Minaj or Cardi B had shut down Times Square because of the platinum blonde wig seen on the head of a surrounded individual from skyscrapers, when in actuality–it was YouTube sensation Queen Naija wreaking havoc. Queen recently released her 5 track self-titled debut EP, Queen Naija, (produced by No I.D) which is available on all major streaming platforms. Two songs which are dedicated to the past that she prevailed through, two songs dedicated to her falling in love again, and one song which happens to be my favorite, “Mama’s Hand,” a song dedicated to her son, whom is her driving force in all that she is doing.

Queen-Naija-EP Is That Nicki? Is That Cardi? No, It's Queen Naija

Queen Naija has definitely made YouTube history, and in my opinion is undoubtedly one of the biggest YouTube music success stories since Soulja Boy.

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