June 28, 2019 0

“Where is this kid from? How old is he? who produced this record? Can he do it again?” These are the only questions that came into mind when hearing “That’s My Slime” a single from rising artist Priceless. I must admit, usually, mp3s or iTunes links don’t do it for me. When it comes to being sold on new artist I buy into image, hustle, skill and sound. Image and hustle being my two main focus points. In this case i have no idea about any of those questions i asked but i can say, “priceless Summer” the album will definitely get some more spins. Transition of flows, tones & harmonies while finessing the auto tune plug-in, this song makes for a club hit and even possibly a good urban radio run. Tell this kids manager run the press up on this one we can’t wait to see the visual. Until then check out “Priceless Summer” the album by Priceless & that hit single “That’s My Slime” on all platforms.

“Priceless Summer” The Album


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