Travis Scott – Highest in the Room (Video)

October 4, 2019 0

Screen-Shot-2019-10-04-at-12.18.13-AM-500x271 Travis Scott - Highest in the Room (Video)

The long wait is over. Travis Scott finally unveils the official video for his single, “Highest in the Room.”

The single made its debut as the official audio in an ad for Kylie Jenner’s Kybrow collection. And it has since become a fan favorite record. Dark aesthetics fill the screen as the opening scene finds Travis blowing smoke with a dark, and gloomy sky filled with clouds and a city skyline fills the background.

As the video continues, things get a bit weird. From being held captive by masked men as they hold his mouth open with a contraption to strippers in glow-in-dark ‘fits filling in the transitioning scenes – viewers are in for a visual ride.

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