Future’s Bodyguard Assaulted At Airport (Video)

July 22, 2019 0

future-bodyguard-500x332 Future’s Bodyguard Assaulted At Airport (Video)

Future’s bodyguard was assaulted in what many suspect to be a racially-motivated attack at the International Airport in Ibiza, Spain. After landing, Future was seen walking through the terminal when 10 men bombarded him, asking for photos. Reportedly, Future told the fans “not today, guys” because he had just come off a long flight.

Enraged by his decline, the men allegedly started blurting out racial slurs and other inappropriate phrases. And that’s when Future’s bodyguard stepped in.

He was able to fight the men off, but one of them sucker-punched him from behind with a rock! Future’s bodyguard was instantly knocked out. Police were called to the scene as Future stood by.

This story is developing.

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