Meet Jason Innocent!

November 30, 2019 0

IMG_0011 Meet Jason Innocent!


Jason Innocent is a conceptual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work explores race, language, contemporary social issues and spans a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, art book and film. Similar to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring Innocents first achieve fame as a graffiti writer. Writing oblique pieces of poetry in lower manhattan. Born and raised in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Flatbush Innocent is the son of a Haitian-born father and mother. He attended Murry Bergtruam High School for Business Career graduating in 2014. He never attended art school, he learned by wander New York City galleries. In 2019, he debuts his second solo exhibition titled “Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, and Social Issues”. It featured a large print image of the American flag reimagined. Innocent expressed his opinion by using his unorthodox typography to create an American Flag 2017 which includes text like NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO ABLEISM, NO FATPHOBIA, NO AGEISM, NO TRANSPHOBIA, NO HOMOPHOBIA, and NO HATEFULNESS.

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