Suge Knight Appoints Ray J With His Life Story!

October 21, 2019 0

ray-j-suge-knight-500x334 Suge Knight Appoints Ray J With His Life Story!

Former Death Row mogul, Suge Knights, has signed over rights to his life story to R&B artist/reality star, Ray J – according to TMZ. Knight believes that Ray J, despite having past controversies, will make all the right decisions in telling his story. Which he also hopes translate to more financials gains for his family.

Establishing their friendship decades ago, Knight’s respect for Ray J grew as he saw he handled his business, and his ability to choose the right projects. While there’s reportedly a documentary already in the works for Knight and Death Row, it hasn’t hushed these rumors. There’s even talks about bringing the iconic record label back with Ray J’s involvement.

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