Man arrested twice for destroying Black Lives Matter mural painting before Trump Tower

August 6, 2020 0

Man-arrested-twice-for-destroying-Black-Lives-Matter-mural-painting-before-Trump-Tower-500x281 Man arrested twice for destroying Black Lives Matter mural painting before Trump Tower

Donald Trump supporter Mark-David Hutt was captured twice over one weekend and charged with criminal mischief. 

A New York City man was captured on two separate events for destroying the Black Lives Matter mural before Trump Tower. As indicated by the Daily Mail, Mark-David Hutt — who runs a professional Donald Trump Facebook page — was discovered spreading paint over the wall painting on both July 25 and 26. 

A few observers recorded video of Hutt, who started spreading red paint over the yellow letters on Saturday. He was captured for the vandalism, however returned the following day to spread white paint over the road. In the viral film of his capture, New York City Police Department officers can be seen approaching Hutt and disclosing to him he needs to quit destroying the painting. When he refuses to stop, a few different officers show up and handcuffed him. NYPD Detective Denise Moroney told the Washington Post that he was subsequently charged with criminal mischief

As indicated by one of Hutt’s Facebook posts, per Daily Mail, he had moved toward coming back to the site of the mural to keep painting the colors of the American flag over the road. 

“Saturday, I splashed Red. Sunday, I splashed White. & on Monday,” he wrote on Facebook, alluding to his plans to deface the mural with blue paint.

In another Facebook post, Hutt hammered New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for affirming the mural and cutting the New York City Police Department financial plan by $1 billion. 

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has ruined NYC & has put a target on the backs of NYPD’s finest. We need to STAND UP and take our country back. #BlueLivesMatter,” Hutt posted, per Daily Mail.

Hutt is presently the eighth individual to be discovered vandalizing the Black Lives Matter mural since it was painted on July 8. Half a month back, a unidentified man was seen sprinkling red paint over the letters. De Blasio reacted to vandalism on Twitter. 

“To whoever vandalized our mural on 5th Avenue: nice try. [Department of Transportation] has already fixed it,” he wrote. “The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than words and it can’t be undone.”

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