lil baby Drops “the bigger picture” (official music video)

June 12, 2020 0

When a record speaks for itself, somtimes you just have to post the lyrics. Lil Baby dropped at a perfect time in history. Not only addressing the flaws of the system and racism but also taking accountability for his own detremental actions and lyrics. Understand where we came from and how a good kid may just have to carry a gun because of his enviorment. Understand the constant reminders and rules to stay alive, guides and habits we teach our children should only be taught to our soldiers in combat. We have to teach our children to survive because the country does not want to acknowlege the true source of our conditions… America.

Imagine asking you abuser to arrest your oppressor? Imagine asking your killer to tell the world, that its the very same stars and stripes that preach freedom and justice, has been sanctioning the mass execution of a race. We stand no chance until we reflect, recollect, teach and grow together. Lil baby hits these key points with this record “The Bigger Picture”.


Listen to the official audio for Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture.”

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