Brooklyn’s Drxppy Gxd Drops New Single “Race”

July 1, 2020 0

57F420DC-8FDE-48BF-99FE-CD156806B406-491x500 Brooklyn’s Drxppy Gxd  Drops New Single “Race”

Brooklyn’s, Drxppy Gxd, is a Sound Museum Records songwriter and recording artist who graces us with a new street anthem this Summer. “RACE” is an emotional street romance with a familiar story behind it. Drxppy Gxd has a deep passion for the music he sets out to create.  Drxppy says “It was about 3-4 in the morning in the studio & it was pretty much just me and the engineer at this point because everyone else was asleep. I was cycling through a number of beats and when I heard the race beat, I don’t know there was just something about it that caught my eye. We loaded it up and before you know it, in like 15 – 20 mins I freestyled the whole track”.

On this release “RACE” Drxppy creative process was unique to the beat, he said “The energy we had in the studio even though it was so late at night everything was great vibes, the bars just came naturally.

Take a listen below!

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