Charity Croff – Powerful ft. Jazmyn Alexis (Video)

July 9, 2020 0

157DD475-6462-405F-B608-3A8944B9AEF9-500x236 Charity Croff - Powerful ft. Jazmyn Alexis (Video)

Gary, IN native residing in Chicago, Charity Croff, has released a music video for his song, “Powerful.” The video was directed by Julius Conway and edited by Chris Jamerson. The cast includes Taylor Iman Carter, Levar Kelogg, and Mike Reinhart.

The music video ties in strong messages about the other side of the Fourth of July as well as the social, racist atmosphere that is being experienced in the world currently. The video incorporates the messages through the visuals and symbolism.

“We believed that the current social/racial atmosphere in the world could be implemented in the visual to show our perseverance and self-empowerment throughout the centuries in the U.S.,” said Croff.

In the video, a black man chained up with cotton surrounding him, while a white man is dressed in celebratory attire as he commemorates the Fourth of July. As the video’s plot progresses, Croff addresses the meaning behind the music video to the audience.

The overall inspiration of the song is the belief in the Law of Attraction and works such as “Think” and “Grow Rich.”


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