Harmini’s “Champion” and “This Changes Everything” Hits Theatres!

April 10, 2020 0

IMG_7401_pp-1-500x334 Harmini’s “Champion” and “This Changes Everything” Hits Theatres!

Symbolizing one’s inner victory and purpose, Christian rap artist Harmini’s singles “Champion” and “This Changes Everything” are fan favorites that have received high recognition. “Champion” has quickly gained popularity and broadcasted at major boxing events, such as Fight Night Live. It has also been placed in the movie Smokers, a Peter Organ production. Harmini is featuring in other films, such as Death Kiss 2 and writing for Wesley Snipes’ Outbreak Z.

His influential song “Champion” is inspiring all of the “million dollar babies” to find victory in their struggle. The track “This Changes Everything” symbolizes finding one’s purpose in life. Overall, his music is empowering and entertains his listeners in a powerful way.

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