IAMKINGJROSE speaks prophetic words of greatness and empowers Music Millennials

November 28, 2020 0
kingjrose-1 IAMKINGJROSE speaks prophetic words of greatness and empowers Music Millennials

No child asks to be born into this world. They are oblivious to the dangers of life and have zero survival skills.  A father’s influence on a young male’s life is incalculable and provides life-changing fundamental lessons.  The absence of a father creates a permanent void and sense of loss in a young male’s life.   

Jarod Harris, aka IAMKINGJROSE, converted the pain of his childhood into fuel for success.  Born into the fire of life, IAMKINGJROSE’s childhood was never traditional and provided an unorthodox survival skill training mentality.  IAMKINGJROSE’s music catalog details a panoramic view of his pain, struggle, music passion, and meteoric rise to success.   

In 2016, IAMKINGJROSE launched Ace Down Ent Unity Foundation LLC, which encompasses a music label, clothing brand, publishing, and film production.  His first commercial release, ‘The Real Life Project,’ received critical acclaim from DJ’s, bloggers, and music industry heavyweights.  The lyrics of IAMKINGJROSE contains a rare combination of spiritual awareness infused with visionary Hip-Hop mystique.   

Growing up in the ‘concrete jungle’ of New York caused him to have crocodile skin, so rarely does he allow his energy to become affected by people’s harmful chemistry.  Growing up with six siblings and being raised by a strong-willed woman provided a solid foundation of inner-strength and unparalleled leadership ability.   

The music of IAMKINGJROSE challenges any listener to examine their deepest insecurities and empower belief in oneself beyond the ordinary.  IAMKINGJROSE is the prophetic voice of Music Millennials.   

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