Is Jay Electronicas “A Written Testimoney” The Most Underrated Album of The Year, Despite Heavy Jay Z Influence?

September 7, 2020 0

MARCH 13th 2020, Jay Electronica gave us the long awaited release of his album “A Written Testimony”. With a heavy introgration of Jay Z which gave a “Watch The Throne” vibe but with more harsh truth. Kicking it off with the same qoute from Minister Farrakhan that cost Nick Cannons his broadcast deal with Viacom, the same words that have yet to be put to test by the “Powers That Be”. Has this caused the album to be voided regardless of how great of an album it turned out to be?

This album covers the hardships of black America, dirty water in flint, cop brutality, a unknown hate of self and lack of self worth and the on going secrets of the world being released one by one. No discredit to those who walk by faith but why is it so disturbing to say that Black People are more than what history has told us? With all the religions claiming to be right and openly feuling seperation spiritually and physically, why is it wrong to say the Black People in America are what scripture explains with detail. Touchy subject that has many people stuck between accepting a history of greatness or a history of slavory.

9058962ar-750x400-1 Is Jay Electronicas “A Written Testimoney” The Most Underrated Album of The Year, Despite Heavy Jay Z Influence?

“From The Era Of When Police Stretch Ya, No Cameras Catch it, Drop you off In Rival Hoods You Rather Be Arrested.” Jay Z

Speaking of the on going issues across the world, Jay explains in one bar the truth of what what happens off camera to still be a traumitizing incident. Imagine your walking home from work and police want to practice their stop and frisk procedure who can stop them? Imagine all the shootings, lynchings and unlawful acts that have gone unpunished while having clear evidence of wrong doing. Now imagine what we don’t see.

Revealing the clip of the bombing of Hiroshima to further illustrate the lack of compassion of the people who run the world. Who do we ask for help? The same people who will destroy and take life for natural resources? Is this too much information to promote America’s harsh truth. Do we then claim our artist to have sacraficed for riches and not knowlege?

We often put the blame of our hardships on people who are better off than us, people we feel should give all they worked for to the people who don’t have just because. Jay is often critcized for being successful especially in the black community. You either love him or hate him. But to give things away with not showing how it is obtained is a crutch that we must shake.

“That guilt trip ain’t gone work Don’t put your luggage on we You didn’t keep that same energy for the DuPont’s and Carnegie’s We was in your cotton fields Now we sitting on B’s On me” Jay Z

“For all the boys and girls Why would I sell out, I’m already rich Don’t make no sense Got more money than Goodell A whole NFL bench Did it one handed like Odell Handcuffed to a jail I wouldn’t stayed on the sidelines If they could have tackled this shit themselves” Jay Z

These qoutes are those addressing the online onslaught after Jay Z solidified a deal with the NFL. Jay understanding you have to be apart of the movement to adjust the change faster. The questions and statements inqiruing his relationship with Kanye and why he was not having his back during long periods of time. Jay saw the bigger picture and slighlty revealed to us what was going on behind closed doors. Where was that energy in the room full of billionaires?

“No civilizations gets conquered from the outside until it destroys itself from within”


“I’m a miracle Born with imperial features I’m a page turner Sage burner, Santeria Chongón, December baby My Orishas Saint Hov Story takes place in ancient Egypt They cut off the nose, to spite their face They’ll steal your Jesus I can’t tell Hattie White that blue eyed version Is make believe stuff She’ll throw me out her house Say ye deliver us from this heathen I say that to Ms. Tina She’ll sneeze at son Her photic reflex They both had straighten combs Little did they know I hold the heat next Neither two, can be used, to fix our defects PS, we born perfect Fuck all the B.S. Everybody want to be us for real We just got to see us Inshallah” Jay Z

JayElectronicaHov Is Jay Electronicas “A Written Testimoney” The Most Underrated Album of The Year, Despite Heavy Jay Z Influence?

The list of all things revealed in this project continues to grow with every listen. This is HipHop at it’s finest hour and at it’s most transparent form. I think this album is under the “Nick Cannon Effect” and is forcing people to listena and question what we believe to be the truth. Most statments are dismissed due to evidence presented yet we only dismissed Minister Farrakhans statements because they were “politically incorrect”. God has nothing to do with the politics of a mans feelings.

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