Kanye West Drops “NAH NAH NAH” in Celebration of Fake Presidential Polling Numbers!

October 14, 2020 0
kanye-west-new-track-joaquin-buckley-viral-ufc-knockout-1 Kanye West Drops "NAH NAH NAH" in Celebration of Fake Presidential Polling Numbers!

Oh, Kanye.

Mr. West has been on a roll on social media, Twitter specifically, as he celebrated the results of Kentucky’s Presidential polling. The polls have him in third place in teh state’s precinct reporting! However, the screenshot that he shared has since been debunked. The fake screenshot earned a “manipulated media” tag from Twitter. This did not stop Kanye from gloating though!

Cue in his new single “NAH NAH NAH.” The single was premiered during a musical loop of Joaquin Buckley’s knockout victory at UFC Fight Night 5. Listen below.

On “NAH NAH NAH, Kanye raps about his Presidential candidacy while throwing shows at Universal Music Group – for his contractual disputes over his own masters.

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