Lou Anthony – “S.E.L.F” (Something Everyone Looks For)

August 30, 2020 0
Screen-Shot-2020-08-30-at-9.46.23-PM Lou Anthony - "S.E.L.F" (Something Everyone Looks For)

S.E.L.F: Something Everyone Looks For is the long anticipated debut album from Philadelphia artist Lou Anthony. A three year journey is capped off on August 30th, 2020 with the release of the 15-song studio project.

“It’s what I’ve been pouring my life into these last three years,” said Anthony. “This album is ‘self’ in every sense of the word and its meaning. It’s my life.”

S.E.L.F details Anthony’s struggles, pains, and eventual triumphs during his period of finding true self in a materialized indoctrinating world. An artist known for his elaborate lyricism and elite creative ability, Anthony’s intent is for this album to resinate with all people, even those outside of the Afro community, who have dealt with mental health negligence, depression, loneliness, and other shortcomings and hardships.

“I just want people to understand that there’s a way out [of whatever they’re going through],” said Anthony. “And that way out is through self; learning your true self and then embracing it. You are everything you are on purpose.”

The album has appearances by some of Anthony’s Ludlow Sounds labelmates Vin$e, 7en.2w.5ve, Treson Red, Quil Will, and CJ da Prodigy as well as Miami-based Columbian pop artist Alex Kamero, and Sacramento rapper GdaPlug.

For more on Lou Anthony and S.E.L.F: Something Everyone Looks For, visit www.LouAnthony.com and follow Lou on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud! 

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