January 14, 2020 0

Screen-Shot-2020-01-14-at-5.48.24-PM-500x238 PAINTBOY KD THE BIG HOMIE FROM LINCOLN

PAINTBOY KD, the voice of Lincoln, Nebraska has dropped some new heat for the world. Before we get to the hits, lets talk about one of the hardest deliveries in the game displayed by Paintboy. Definitely not a rookie or a freshman in the game, despite what xxl might say in the next year or two he is ready to blow right now. Already featured on Shade 45 with a dope freestyle with Static Selektah, freestyles on DJ Kayslay, a history of constantly dropping music videos and new records the work ethic is not hard to miss. Paintboys hardcore delivery has landed him millions of views and a large fan base across the nation. Quality production and straight turnt vibe Paintboy got that hustle stay strapped music that has been a heavy trend the last few years. With artist like Tee Grizzly, Meek Mill and Bobby Shmurda winning with their unique style Paintboy fits right in the playlist when you need some gangsta trap music to vibe to. Also when checking out his music a few diss tracks caught my attention referring to artist like MGK and Eminem in his “Civil War” record, Tory Lanez & Jacques in “Too Different”, its nice to here some competitive music in the game, besides it is part of the sport. Lincoln’s poverty rate currently exceeds the growth of the city, having some hard hitting content is expected from this young artist on the rise. Known to highlight the trenches and the inner city lifestyle with ease, tuning in to the real will make for an easy listen. Check out this talented artist, from the birth place of Kool-aid for some new flavor.





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