Ron Suno Interview: Ron talks going viral, pinocchio remix ft. Blueface, things to expect & more!

May 5, 2020 0

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May 5, 2020 New York, NY — Bronx native comedian and rapper Ron Suno recently released a new remix to his viral single “Pinocchio” featuring Blueface. The initial song has over 15 million views on TikTok, and over 8 million views on Youtube. Tune in to this written Q&A done by HipHopSince1987’s staff member Alanna Milan below to learn more about Ron Suno, his overall career in entertainment, and how him and Blueface connected to get the Pinocchio remix done:

unnamed-4-334x500 Ron Suno Interview: Ron talks going viral, pinocchio remix ft. Blueface, things to expect & more!

Alanna Milan: First things first Ron Suno, tell us how old you are and where you’re from. I know that you’re fairly young, but you have a lot of great things going on so I’m pretty curious, how old are you?

Ron Suno: I’m 19 years old, I’m from the Bronx you feel me, New York City. That’s where I was born and raised, we outside, BX stand out, you know.

Alanna Milan: We Outsideee. What part of the Bronx?

Ron Suno: I’m from Co-op city, you know what I mean? That’s by the water, that’s deep in the Bronx you feel me, uptown, uptown. BX!

Alanna Milan: Ohhh alright I’m from Uptown Philadelphia so we have something in common. 

Ron Suno: Ohhh shit, shoutout to Philly though, shout out to Philly!

Alanna Milan: Okay period, now before comedy you were dibbling and dabbling in music, and you transitioned into comedy, then what back to music, right?

Ron Suno: Yeah that’s a fact, that’s a fact!

Alanna Milan: & when did you begin picking it back up?

Ron Suno: I began picking up back my music, I’ll say around like 2018. When I had a like, good 300k followers, I started dropping music. And my first song that I dropped when I had 300k, was “With My Crew” so after that song you feel me I got a little buzz off my music. You feel me, the song actually did 300k right now, it’s 300k you feel me. That was my first song I ever did coming out of retirement from music. Facts. 

Alanna Milan: Coming out of retirement! 

Ron Suno: Yeah word gotta give them the new Ron Suno, ‘cause the old Ron Suno that was you know what I mean, that wasn’t developed. But the new Ron Suno developed, I gained a little sauce with my crew then after that, I went crazy. I started dropping songs, then I dropped an EP, then I dropped “Pinocchio.” BOOM! Bang’ em.

Alanna Milan: Boom! And how has the transition been growing a separate fanbase? Because you have your fanbase from your social media comedy but growing another fanbase with your music is different. So how has that transition been as of recent?

Ron Suno: I mean, it was a little difficult because you know people only follow you for one thing but then what you do is, combine both of them. So I was like “yeah I could rap too, but what if I combine my entertainment inside my raps?” Well that means like my visuals, so now, I’m giving my entertainment fanbase and my supporters that’s with me for my comedy, I’m putting it in my music videos so they can see me dancing, having fun. So now I combine both of them, and still give them what I like to do, rap!

Alanna Milan: Right! & That was another one of my questions, I’ll get back to that later but about 6 months ago you released a visual of you dancing and having fun to “Pinocchio” and within 6 months it has about 8 million views? How do you feel about that garnering so much attention in so little time? And how did it happen?

Ron Suno: I ain’t gonna lie, that’s an eye-changing experience, like I look at life differently after that because I feel like if I’m able to do that, I’m able to make another hit just like that. You feel me? So it’s like I’ve been working hard ever since and it’s affecting my craft, we be in the stu everyday, no days off I keep working so it’s like it’s crazy to see people support me from both ends. Comedy and music, I can do both. 

Alanna Milan: Right! And when would you say that the record began to pick up? Like around in the last 6 months when would you say that it began to actually take off? Like what was the turning point?

Ron Suno: For Pinocchio I say around like the 2nd month it dropped, the second month it dropped it started going crazy on TikTok, the TikTok challenges it went crazy, it had over 13 million views on TikTok. So now, TikTok moved back to instagram, and then the challenge went on Instagram, and it was turned to a Pinocchio challenge on Instagram. So now I got TikTok challenges and I got Instagram challenges so they made the Youtube (video) accumulate almost 10 million views. It’s crazy.

Alanna Milan: And that is crazy because you just dropped a remix with BlueFace today! I wanna see how fast it picks up because that’s how fast it picked up in 6 months, I can only imagine having a feature like that would boost even more streams. How did that come about?

Ron Suno: Oh yeah so you know shoutout to Blueface, but I met Blueface through his manager Wack100. Wack100 is somebody that I reached out to because his daughter actually did the Pinocchio challenge. His daughter is a fan of my music, so you know I reached out to Wack100, I was like “I respect the whole movement you got going on with Blueface, I respect your daughter for doing the Pinocchio challenge.” And you know he seen the vision, he was like Imma have Blueface hop on the remix. I was like “let’s go crazy,” and ever since it’s been history.

Alanna Milan: & being as though that the initial visual went viral, can we expect a visual with Blueface? I know outside is closed (COVID-19) but in the near future, would that be a thing?

Ron Suno: Yeah, probably in the long run, but right now, I have a music video where we’re gonna have all of our supporters, everybody submit their Pinocchio challenge videos and we gonna put it in the music video ourselves and have a fan-created music video. So we gonna do it for the supporters this time. For quarantine, we gonna go crazy.

Alanna Milan: That’s lit, and how are you balancing out both comedy and music? Because I know music can become like a full-time job. Like you have to put a lot of effort into it, and then on top of that you put a lot of effort into making your skits so how is the balance working out?

Ron Suno: So you know like when I have free time, I have a lot of thoughts in my head I just sit there and I’ll do skits. I’ll think about everything I have in my brain and just react on camera. And after I do that, I get in my dark zone where I’m by myself, I turn off my everything, TV, light, everything. I just go and write music, so it’s like, my brain can focus on a lot of things at once because my brain is spontaneous, I can’t stop thinking. So I can think of a skit idea or I could think of music so balancing it out is easy for me because it is natural. It’s genuine for me, it just happens.

Alanna Milan: Good! And have you ever thought of breaking into any other sectors of the entertainment industry, like acting? 

Ron Suno: Yeah most definitely, I’m looking forward to having my own TV show, my own movie on Netflix, I’m definitely gonna try to get that situated, you already know. That’s the goal right there, that is the elevation of entertainment. 

Alanna Milan: Right! You’re an entertainer and you’re really good at it! What’s one goal in both music and comedy that you have to obtain in the next 5 years?

Ron Suno: I have to win a BET award. Once I win a BET award I know my music is really solidified in people’s ears, that they understand my talent, you feel me? And for my comedy, I want my laugh to change somebody’s life! So in the long run, I wanna be able to change lives around the country. People who don’t even know me but just know about me, they can just hear my laugh and just spread love, good energy everywhere. That’s the call right there with my comedy, spread the love everywhere!

Alanna Milan: As it should and your music is fun and does the same thing too, so.

Ron Suno: Thank you I appreciate that!

Alanna Milan: When can we expect a full body of work?

Ron Suno: Oh yeah so I got a tape coming soon called “Swag Like Mike” that’s gonna drop right after this music video imma have, right before the summer we gonna go crazy. I got a good eight songs on the tape, “Swag Like Mike” coming soon, stay tuned.

Alanna Milan: Where can everybody keep up with you?

Ron Suno: @RonSuno — my tiktok name is actually @RonBuno you feel me, but get that new Blueface remix to Pinocchio, it’s on all platforms. Spotify, Apple, Souncloud, you name it, we got it, we making the topic. Ron Suno, why they plotting? You can’t stop it. You feel me, BANG ‘EM! We outside everyday, no days off, I think I’m homeless!

Stream Pinocchio remix ft. Blueface below:

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