July 28, 2020 0

image2-1-500x281 SKYY VEGAS - FVCKRAP (Video)

Skyy Vegas also known as Skyy Money among supporters and colleagues, is from West Las Vegas, Nevada and has had an active yet passive career over the last 6 years. He comes from the mud and has no problem letting it be known. From popular remixes such as “West City” & “Anti Social” to original content such as “Give N Go” & “FVCK RAP” where he showcases charisma, flow, vocabulary and humor. I think it’s safe to say he is on the uprise and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“REALLY BEEN SCORIN” being the latest project has succeeded in quenching the fans’ thirst from the layover and establishes Skyy as an independent west coast artist. Vegas is all about BIG money & BIG attractions such as the Las Vegas Strip but they do NOT support up and coming “rappers” from the city behind the lights but that doesn’t seem to stop Skyy from prevailing and breaking barriers.


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