the people demand swift trials and swift convictions for these monsters

June 4, 2020 0
2015-04-27t233916z_1358999669_gf10000075337_rtrmadp_3_usa-police-baltimore-scaled-1-500x327 the people demand swift trials and swift convictions for these monsters

The new standard has been set we must continue to hold this in America to prevent these reckless happenings. We feel a officer sworn to protect should be held at a higher standard of responsibility and be subject to the highest charge and punishment. We as black citizens have been victims fighting off max sentencing, high rates of the death penalty and life sentences, unfair trials and tampered with or lack of evidence. The battle against mass incarceration and fair trials have forcefully conditioned us to be ok with having the most prisoners in the self proclaimed best country in the world. The U.S. incarcerates more people than any nation in the world, including China. And the U.S. is also the leader in the prison population rate. America’s approach to punishment often lacks a public safety rationale, disproportionately affects minorities, and inflicts overly harsh sentences.


We can build a better and more fair system. But before exploring how to fix the problem, it is worthwhile to conduct a brief review of the history of incarceration. Or is turning on the tv enough to fully understand where this grey cloud has originated? What about the long list of arrest with no evidence or no witnesses? Why do we try to give a million dollar check to those falsy accused and imprisoned? No amount of money can make up for the time you lost behind bars. Recent actions with prison reform have been effective but we need a better plan of action for prevention. The battle to prove ones innocence should begin when the first responders arrive to the scene. Numbers of illegal stings, planting of drugs and crimes on citizens just to get an arrest should be deemed punishable a federal crime and carried out to its full extent. Some fear the return of slavery while others live it currently behind the bars of the prison cell. So as we feel the weight and power of the judicial system we ask that the distribution of harshness gets distributed equally.

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