Black Lives Matter road painting vandalized by Trump supporters

July 8, 2020 0

Writer The Millennial General

On Saturday (July 4), occupants of Martinez, California painted a yellow Black Lives Matter wall painting in the city outside of the district town hall in the wake of getting consent from the city. 

Hours after the fact, a white man and a lady, wearing Trump gear, defaced the beautiful mural. 

A video of the couple shows the lady turning dark paint over the wall painting. One inhabitant, who was videotaping the vandalism, asked what they were are doing. Another can be heard asking, “What’s going on with you?” 

The white man, who was additionally recording the entire difficulty, asserted that prejudice is an untruth while calling the painting itself bigotry. 

“There is no bigotry,” he said. “There is no abuse. It’s a liberal falsehood.” 

They left before they could wrap up the Black Lives Matter work of art, be that as it may. Martinez Police are presently looking for the pair. 

“The City of Martinez values resistance and the harm to the wall painting was disruptive and destructive,” Martinez Police Department said in an announcement. “If it’s not too much trouble assist us with distinguishing those that are answerable for this wrongdoing, so they can be considered responsible for their activities.”


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