Kanye West & Neptunes Will Produce Pusha T’s Next Album!

December 9, 2020 0
imageedit_1_3960101449-900x506-1 Kanye West & Neptunes Will Produce Pusha T's Next Album!


King Push, himself, has confirmed his next album and who he has enlisted as his producers — the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) and Kanye West!

“To be honest with ya’ll, I haven’t put any features on this album yet. As of right now, it’s only Ye and Pharrell and Neptunes,” he shared in a recent IG Live (via RapCaviar).

With no other details to share, he exclaimed, “That’s it. Ain’t nothing to talk about. You know I bring the best out. I bring the best out of everybody.”

And he tells no lies.

Pusha has so much faith in his new album due to the contributions from these musical masterminds – he’s confirmed that the “cuts are so good,” he’s “already placed an order for a new car.”


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