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Super Bowl LIV

Do you bet on the odd’s or the underdog?


Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Florida home of the Super Bowl LIV where 4 quarters of championship football will decide the Kings of the NFL’s 100th NFL season. The NFC champion San Francisco 49ers will face the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs. February 2nd, 2020, will be the 11th Super Bowl hosted by the South Florida region and the sixth Super Bowl hosted in Miami Gardens, which hosted SUPER BOWL XLIV ten years earlier. According to most of the Super Bowl betting odds provided by the major bookmakers, Kansas are slightly favorites to win. They might have better odds, but the chances of winning exist for both teams so the bookies try to keep the odds balanced.


Screen-Shot-2020-01-20-at-6.03.09-PM-500x282 SUPERBOWL 54 49ERS VS THE CHIEFS WHOS YOUR PICK?

The San Francisco 49ers finished the 2019 season with an NFC-best (13–3) record under third-year head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. After a 20-37 win over the Packers, 49ers are looking to get a Win against a team they haven’t played since the week 3 pre-season game where the 9’ers came up on top 17-27. The (12-4) Kansas city Chiefs lead by coach Andy Reid and superstar quarterback Pat Mahomet lead their team to a 24-35 point victory over the Titans. Despite Mahomes missing a few games due to injury mid-season and despite his drastic change in production the Chiefs are still further than they were last year. Maybe Defense really does win championships who can you place your beton?

Screen-Shot-2020-01-20-at-9.32.11-PM-500x332 SUPERBOWL 54 49ERS VS THE CHIEFS WHOS YOUR PICK?

K.C.’s offense scoring 35 points is impressive especially doing it in eight true drives is wild. Chiefs defense for forcing three straight punts at one point also a great show of promise. On the other side of the spectrum the D still gave up 24 points in just seven drives before Tennessee’s possession. Mahomes saved Kansas City’s defense lets be honest, Kansas City gave up 17 points in Tennessee’s first three drives, in the first half of play and exposed the Chiefs slow start to the Titans high power offensive play calling. That’s the second straight first-half K.C.’s defense was no where to be found and there is no way the 49ers expect to do anything less. Averaging 29.9 points per game number 2 ranked offense is ready to put the numbers on the board.

Screen-Shot-2020-01-20-at-9.37.45-PM-500x280 SUPERBOWL 54 49ERS VS THE CHIEFS WHOS YOUR PICK?

San Fran’s D isn’t looking too much more promising on the other end. Yes, they have done well enough to get them this far with clutch stops on 3rd and racking up 48 sacks on the season, but is it enough to stop the chiefs offense. Aaron Rodgers fell short but only due to not having the offensive weapons that Mahomes has on hand. With power ranking of the 49ers being #2 and only dropping to #3 by week 17 the average 19.4 points allowed by the defense, seems to be right in the range of what the number 5 ranked offense of the Chiefs who average 28.2 points a game. (Bleacher ReportEspn)

Screen-Shot-2020-01-20-at-9.30.59-PM-500x281 SUPERBOWL 54 49ERS VS THE CHIEFS WHOS YOUR PICK?

Adam Teacher and Nick Wagoner both Espy experts have both predicted championship contending for both teams, fromthenumbers to play on the field, this has to be one of the most even and hardest to predict Super Bowl match ups of all time. What will it be? Will either defense take up the challenge or will it be the high scoring offenses that define the outcome of the game? Will it come down to the X-factor Mahomes utilizing his exceptional run and pass ability? Possibly the tough coaching and schemes they have 2 weeks to cook up. Lets ask vegas!


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