How to Save Money as a Student

March 16, 2020 0

When you want to save money, you should learn the tricks. This article is a compilation of the cool tricks that can save your school money.


If you’re finding it hard to save money as a student, don’t fret. You’re not alone. If I asked you to do my homework on how to save money for students, you’d probably be asking your friends, too, because it is not only you who face some challenges in college. 


We have prepared this article for you so you will learn about the many ways to save money and you’ll also help your friends and family to handle money problems.




It’s age-old wisdom from as far back as biblical times that the borrower becomes the slave of the lender. You can easily avoid this, as a student, when you just stay away from debt, become frugal, and just make a budget. Setting a budget means that you can spend on all the things you want or need as long as you don’t get beyond a certain amount. It’s a good trick, especially considering that your money can be limited.




What exactly do you need all those extra gadgets for? Why not sell them, instead of just keeping them in your locker? You may even be able to make this as your business by just going to platforms or online stores and then sell items you don’t need anymore. You might not even need actual money as an investment since you will only sell an item when there’s an order. 


So, you have two ways to make money in this area. You can just sell your extra items you haven’t been using for the past years, or you can tap into an e-commerce platform and help it sell their items to your friends.




Yes, you want to be visible in the world, on your campus, and among your friends, so you want to have a car. While that sometimes works, the real symbol of status these days is to be energy-conscious. When you put all your monThe impulse, however, of always buying from these restos could be damaging to your wallet, so, even if you have your vouchers and discount codes, make sure you moderate your purchases.

ey into wise use by making friends with a lot of people, you might not be needing a car. Plus, the number of deaths reported today on TV and in papers regarding car accidents should be more than enough to spook you from getting a car. Saving your money is just an extra bonus here.





When you want to save more money, it just means that you have to put more effort. This means that you need to have a conscious effort to prepare your own meals in your campus, so you don’t have to buy your meals often outside. 

There are plenty of online recipes that are not just healthy but are also affordable to prepare. Cook them in bulk, store them in your ref, and voila, you now have meals for the entire week, saving you tons of money as a result.




The act of keeping the discounts in the restos you frequent isn’t so much a result of your being a cheapskate. You have to get all these discount coupons because this is what gives your college life a boost in terms of savings. 


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