Chino Cappin Shares Live Performance of New Song “Ed Edd Eddy”

December 20, 2021 0

unnamed-2 Chino Cappin Shares Live Performance of New Song "Ed Edd Eddy"

Straddling the line between romantic R&B and street savvy hip-hop, Chino Cappin is solidifying his status as one of Georgia’s most masterful melodists. Proving that his silky smooth vocals translate extremely well to a live setting, Chino shares his new song Ed Edd Eddy,” performed live as an exclusive with 4 Shooters Only. Harkening back to the classic Cartoon Network series, “Ed Edd Eddy” is an uptempo and braggadocious heater, as Chino talks his smack with an infectiously rhythmic flow: “Count a hunnid with my eyes closed, tell me how that feel now?”

Performing “From The Block” and singing his heart out into a dangling microphone, the ski-masked Chino demonstrates his ability to remain grounded in where he came from even as his talent and profile continues to grow. The new video is the latest in a line of impressive live performances by Chino, including standout renditions of “Shine” (w/ string quartet) and the Fabolous-sampling “On My Last.” With a full version that features 21 Lil Harold and earned an IG shoutout from 21 Savage himself, “Ed Edd Eddy” arrives ahead of Permanently Scarred, Chino’s next mixtape, due in 2022 via Alamo Records.

The new live video for “Ed Edd Eddy” quickly follows Last Time,” a new collaboration with fellow Georgian PopLord. A scintillating duet between the two rising melodists, “Last Time” finds both rappers pondering the nature of love, bragging about their ends, and casually dismissing the need for serious relationships. In the video, Chino plays the song on piano as a beautiful woman braids his hair, before him and PopLord cruise through the ATL in an electric blue Lambo. With over 800k video views since its early December release, “Last Time” will appear on Permanently Scarred, along with Demon,” a string-laden banger with over 470k views on YouTube.

2021 was a busy year for Chino Cappin, as he continued his rise out of his small hometown of Fort Valley, GA on his way to the top of the ATL hip-hop scene. The artist shared Ladders, his first project released by Alamo, characterized by his relatable lyricism and infectious vocal lines. Home to recent videos like the Willie Hutch-sampling “Money On My Mind” and the playful “Still Loading,” Ladders drips with the bravado of a man confident in his abilities. In June, Chino shared F*CC It BaCC To The BasiCs, a new mixtape that finds Chino rhyming over instrumentals from all eras, focusing on R&B and rap from the early ’00s, including samples of songs by Moneybagg YoUsher, and more. As he made waves with singles like the sultry break-up anthem “Fake Love” and the Metro Marrs-featuring “Hot Sh*t,” Chino has earned praise from UPROXX and Dummy Mag, and told his story in an interview with Dirty-Glove Bastard.

On the upcoming Permanently Scarred, Chino shows that he’s ready to explode out of his hometown in rural Georgia and draw new connections between rap and R&B on a national scale. Be prepared: 2022 begins Chino Cappin Szn.

Watch “Ed Edd Eddy” (Live) on 4 Shooters Only’s YouTube:

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