Interview With Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD

June 12, 2021 0

image0-67 Interview With Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD

Q: What’s your name?

A: My name is Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD

Q: Where are you from?  

A: I don’t think I’m from earth but I stay in Philadelphia

Q: How old are you?     

A: I’m 22

Q: When did you start making music

A: I started making music a month ago But I really like it and see a bright career

Q: How serious are you about your career? 

A: I’m serious but never take anything to seriously just have fun in the end of the day just try to excel

Q: Have you ever thought about quitting music?

A: I just started but no I don’t think I’m stopping at all

Q: Who inspires you the most?

A: Lil Uzi he has just an in your face style I like it and XXXTentacion his energy was crazy

Q: What got you into making music?

A: I saw an opening for me creating I already had an audience, and they wanted to support me

Q: Who is your favorite producer?

A: RonnyJ definitely he made a lot of xxx tracks and this one of my favorite artist

Q: What is one of your best songs

A: My song “IDK” jawn fire all facts and just hit

Q: Are you signed to a record label? 

A: Yea I signed myself my label is called “InTheWaveLabel” I did it as a joke but its actually funny

Q: Have you ever performed? 

A: No not yet, but I want to in Mississippi where a lot of my fans at

Q: Who would you most likely collaborate with? 

A: Lil Uzi definitely he’s fire

Q: If you could open for any artist who would it be?

A: Again, Lil Uzi kinda looked up to him when i was little

Q: What’s next for you?

A: Continue expanding building the brand and pushing forward

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