Its Dia Releases New Single ‘Barkin A Lot’ Featuring K Shiday

November 19, 2021 0

With the lack of exposure to hip-hop on the island, Dia has plans to bring the pe-eminence of hip-hop culture to the island natives. Spending seven years in China has developed her sound into a hybrid of personalities and life experiences that are reflected in the music. Keith Zanz is her main producer and engineer on the album. He has been her engineer since she started. 

With poetry at the helm of her music career, she has elevated her lyrical content to go bar for bar with some of today’s top artists. Currently, Dia has over forty recorded songs within the span of her career, with the goal of leaving her mark on the US and UK market.

Although her purpose is music, philanthropy is her passion, hence providing opportunities for her family, community, and local artists in the Bahamas. Working with the likes of Universal Flo, Von Trap, and K Shiday on her most recent body of work.  

While we can’t say that she’s all bark and no bite with her raw lyrics. Be sure to download her latest single, “Barkin A Lot” featuring K Shiday, now available on all digital streaming platforms. Stream “Barkin A Lot” out now.


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