King KC Profile

June 25, 2021 0
unnamed-4-1 King KC Profile

A well-known up and coming Chicago artist is on his way to the top. He creates R&B, Hip hop, and Rap music which is very different and shows he can be very versatile as an artist.  All of KING KC music is on all platforms and he has multiple videos on YouTube as well. His new single called NEW WHIP is blowing up everywhere and the Video is everything we expected. The song NEW WHIP is off his latest EP called Chosen One. King KC is a hard-working artist that rights all his music and has made over 100 songs. His goal is to spread amazing heart felt music and make people love life. He has performed all over Chicago events and festivals and in the Midwest. As well as traveled to Miami, Texas, Atlanta and other states to perform in shows and festivals! God first is his message to everyone and growing us key to life he says. 

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