Meet Jay Medvedeva: Female DJ Taking The Music Industry By Storm

June 29, 2021 0
33619100_10156381332233088_5363841324325797888_n Meet Jay Medvedeva: Female DJ Taking The Music Industry By Storm

The music industry has produced amazing artists, however, it is not a piece of cake to survive in such a competitive industry. One artist who succeeded in taking the music industry by storm is Jay Medvedeva; a musician, DJ, and producer. While at it, she is also working tooth and nail to revolutionize the electronic music industry by coming up with amazing records.

Born and brought up in the most distant east of Russia into a family of jazz performers, Jay Medvedeva made a first and critical stride as a DJ in 2012, when she moved to London, where she played in clubs, for example, Lightbox, Pacha and Warehouse, sharing consoles alongside top disk jockeys, for example, Sven Väth and Martinez Brothers. 

Music has consistently overwhelmed Jay for a really long time as her dad was additionally an artist. She ventured into the world of DJ after a serious snowboarding accident that left her no decision except to remain in bed in 2007. This was the time she began to figure out how to DJ while she was recuperating from her medical procedure. Her career as a DJ jump-started after she achieved second spot in a DJ competition in Russia.

Her mission is to communicate and win individuals’ hearts through music. Also, her passion for music is reflected by the fact that she is consistently looking out to improve her musical talent and learn new instruments like piano. 

Right now, she is situated in Moscow and Berlin and working on her creation and teamed up with maker Enzo Leep and Shaun Reeves. With respect to gigs she has played in Space Miami, Heart Ibiza, Electric Pickle Miami, The Egg London, and Gazgolder club Moscow to give some examples. She has likewise played in numerous electronic celebrations: WMC in Miami, BPM Festival, SMX Festival, WE ARE FSTLV just to give some examples. 

Hard work, thoughtfulness, and an insane passion for music are what drove her to prosperity. She tries to maintain good associations with clubs, advertisers, booking specialists, and individual artists throughout her journey which has helped her immensely in her career.

Her aim right now is to continue creating and delivering music for the masses. She has 3 deliveries coming soon; one on Decay Records with another great artist Shaun Reeves and collaboration with UNDERHER. Jay, an artist, DJ, and producer wish to have her own label so she can support the impending youthful artists.

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