Outstanding Members Bringing it All Out with a New Ep

July 28, 2021 0

IMG_0444 Outstanding Members Bringing it All Out with a New Ep

Loot is a Hip-hop artist from Outstanding Members who describes his music style as remarkable and creative. His music is relatable as he tells stories through them. He finds inspiration from Master P. His biggest achievement is starting his clothing line and a record label off the ground. He has a new Ep brought about from the sadden times of the pandemic, named Pandemic Mixtape by Outstanding Members, that is available on mainstreams. The mixtape is unique as it has five generations of music on it, from old school to new school. Loot aims to be established, richer, and having a plaque for his music streaming going viral. Mooskie 200 who is also in the Outstanding Members has a new song out (Lake Shore drive)





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