What Goals Ty’Liyah Monroe Hopes To Achieve In Her Music Career

June 18, 2021 0
unnamed-33 What Goals Ty’Liyah Monroe Hopes To Achieve In Her Music Career

Different artists have different goals for their respective careers. While some hope to raise awareness and create a safe space for listeners who are looking for a respite in music, some are aiming towards reaching levels of fame and popularity that many have achieved before. 

Ty’Liyah Monroe, a female music artist, shares the same goal. She’s working to become a household name for her talent as a female rapper. 

“I want to be one of the biggest female artists in the world. Women in rap music are blowing up, I want to be a part of that,” she said.

And to keep her on the right track to achieving her goal, Ty’Liyah practices a unique way of doing things where she strives to keep everything entertaining and never leaving her fans bored. 

From Video Vixen to Music Artist 

Originally from North Carolina, Ty’Liyah jumpstarted her career in the music industry as a video vixen while she was in Atlanta where she’s been living for the last 15 years. 

Just recently, she has been featured in several standout music videos such as Jeezy’s “1 Time,” Lil Baby’s “Boss B***h,” Young Dolph’s “Paranoid“, K Camp’s “Tatted Up,” Lil Duval’s “Be Happy“ featuring T.I., and Wiz Khalifa’s “Going Hard.” 

She’s also an official BelAire Champagne model and has made appearances on Black Ink, Love & Hip Hop, and even Kevin Hart’s movie “School Night.”

But now, Ty’Liyah is currently investing her time and effort in her music career as she determinedly works on her EP and newest single titled “phatty.” 

Ty’Liyah is also working on two short films and her brand Versetël, which highlights how versatile she can be as a person, an artist, and an entrepreneur behind the brand Versetël. 

Finding The Right Motivation 

Most music artists have people who doubt their talents and how far they can go with their careers. And to some, this is viewed as a challenge that hampers their progress. 

But for Ty’Liyah, rather than listening and giving in to their skepticism, she will use this as fuel for her to do better and rise above their expectations. 

And one way that she hopes to do that is by staying consistent with her music and personality no matter what the challenge. 

“Stay consistent and never give up no matter the trials and tribulations one goes through. Every obstacle has a learning lesson behind it. Keep going,” she said. 

Learn more about Ty’Liyah Monroe at www.tyliyahmonroe.com

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