HOT97’s HipHopGamer Calls Out Rapper T.I. Over Grand Theft Auto Mass Shooting Remarks

December 21, 2021 0

World-renowned journalist and arguably the gaming industry’s “#1 Gamer”, HIPHOPGAMER speaks facts and not feelings regarding the controversial statements uttered by Hip-Hop Icon “T.I.” Mass Shootings are evolving pandemics in America.  

Psychologically, the world continues to grapple with merciless killings and receiving zero relief from lawmakers. Public opinions are always polarizing and controversial.    

Hip-Hop Mogul and Icon T.I. have always been at the forefront of social justice, prison reform, and equality for all minorities and the disenfranchised. T.I. recently stated on a podcast that the “culture of mass shootings was birthed from Grand Theft Auto.”  

T.I.’s powerful premonition instantly sparked a wide range of raw emotions and opinions from the “gaming community.” T.I. further admitted that “If you can virtually live out this act, it plants a seed of a fantasy in your mind.”    

T.I. is entitled to his personal opinion and thoughts on any subject in life. However, when you speak, the world will “answer.” The most prominent voice in the gaming industry, “HIPHOPGAMER,” issues an epic and fiery rebuke against T.I’s opinion.  

HIPHOPGAMER elocuted his perspectives and historical facts beautifully. HIPHOPGAMER sheds light on foundational issues at the core of mass shootings and illuminates its impact. On September 6, 1949, Howard Unruh committed the first-ever recorded mass shooting. HIPHOPGAMER separates fact from feeling in his public defense of the gaming community.    

Watch the complete story below: 

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