Rising New Jersey Artist Esco Corleone Releasing Album “Mob Talk” 12/24

December 22, 2021 0

Image-5-500x500 Rising New Jersey Artist Esco Corleone Releasing Album  "Mob Talk" 12/24

The east coast is known to birth some very creative people, and rising Irvington, New Jersey native Esco Corleone is hitting the fourth quarter with a new album release entitled Mob Talk. The new album is a 13-track collective full of different vibes. Heavily prideful about his authenticity and originality, Mob Talk will be a great first impression for newcomers to the journey Esco Corleone and his artistry. With only 5 guest features, Esco Corleone stays sure to let his audience get the full essence of who he is as well.

Having a deep passion for music since the age of 12, Esco Corleone locked into his career later on to prove this passion and dedication to his creativity. To get a glimpse of what is to come this Christmas Eve, stream a single from the album now, called “The Don”:

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