The success journey of musician Im Rayan

May 26, 2022 0

The music industry is a rather harsh industry where the rate of competition is growing at a rapid pace. Thus, it takes immense talent, hard work, and creativity to stand out from the rest and make a name for yourself. Speaking of these attributes, Im Rayan is one such individual who has made a name for himself in the French music industry in a short span. He is an established composer and DJ presently residing in Paris, France who is known for his beautiful Lo-fi compositions. If you are someone who wishes to just sit back and listen to some tranquil music in perfect ambience, Im Rayan’s music is for you. His compositions are a perfect blend of jazz, house and certain other melodies. Born on 5th January, 1999, he had a fond interest in music since his childhood days. He used to perform at a lot of events and venues throughout France that would thoroughly influence the audience. In fact, he was the one who reintroduced Lofi in French culture.

Im Rayan’s performances are always captivating because his songs project the complexities of life. Besides the lyrical composition, his soulful voice is also one of the primary reasons why the audience love his music. Im Rayan has released three melodies to date- ‘Forezy’, ‘Lost Runner’ and ‘Sky Foam’. ‘Forezy’ is an ambient, rhythmic and peaceful composition that is so serene and soothing that you will feel at one with nature. Im Rayan loves to experiment with different genres which is why you can almost always expect something new and different from him. Piano oscillations and drum loops are some of the common instrumentals used in his music which contributes to the ambience and serenity. His music is perfect for situations where you need to concentrate or relax such as while reading books, enjoying a spa treatment and so on.

Im Rayan’s influence is profoundly expanding with time. If you have not yet heard his songs, you are highly missing out. His three singles are already out on major streaming platforms. This includes Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Soundcloud, youtube and many more. Thus, make sure to give it a listen. In case you wish to know more about Im Rayan or want to be the first to get an update regarding his upcoming releases, you can connect with him on social media:




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