AllisWell chooses legacy over clout in 2022

August 8, 2022 0

Fame is the worst drug known to man.

Fame is the most addictive and attractive force in humankind’s history. Humans seek out people to worship and idolize in life. Watching a person develop into a mythical and iconic figure is mind-blowing.

Acquiring fame is a humble road to travel. Once fame is achieved, humility typically disappears. Being famous creates an alternative universe for a person and disables some of their life principles.

When a person achieves a certain level of fame, everyone in their orbit commonly becomes “yes men.” Individuals who create a long-standing legacy understand the fundamental importance of balancing fame and power. Since AllisWell entered this world, his family values empowered him to pursue greatness without compromise and create a timeless legacy.

AllisWell understands the value of a marathon versus a sprint.

Building an empire is not an overnight success story. It’s a novel with never-ending chapters, and the journey is life-changing. Chasing your dreams creates a different type of war for a person. Fighting time, family, friends, unknown enemies, competitors, and yourself is beyond mental comprehension. Most people avoid this high resistance path by working a 9 to 5.

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur was born with a sacred gift and curse. God blessed AllisWell with an exceptional divine voice to sing. His vocal skillset is unrivaled and awe-inspiring. The curse lies within the responsibility of living up to his higher calling in life.

AllisWell is a bona fide innate musical genius. In 2022, AllisWell fights against time and himself to secure his musical legacy. AllisWell is a self-made CEO of multiple digital brands and a Global Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS.


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