Big Head Bandz delivers classic wordplay with ‘Emotional’

March 8, 2022 0

Balancing your emotions is an emotional process.   

There is a famous saying, ‘I catch feelings and not flights.’ Emotions can adversely affect a person’s decision-making skills, mentality, and future. Making life-changing choices based on emotions has caused millions of people priceless generational opportunities. The heart is treacherous, vulnerable, powerful, and unpredictable.   

Understanding the difference between emotions and reality is critical for acquiring wisdom. Balancing emotions is a constant inner battle between ego and righteousness.   

The affairs of the heart create an alternative universe for a person to exist without rules. Mastery of this crucial aspect of life comes at the highest price.

Making power moves with your head and not your heart defines authentic leadership. Emotions are beautiful mental gifts from God, which enable people to feel alive at their zenith in life. Striking the perfect balance between emotion and truth empowers a person to their highest aptitude.   

Having the power to change your life and future ends and begins with emotions.   

Big Head Bandz’s rap delivery and cadence are unmatched.   

Amassing over 3,000,000 digital streams, nationwide FM radio airplay, interviews at POWER 105.1 NYC, and more, Big Head Bandz is cut from a different cloth.   

Big Head Bandz’s sound illuminates his soulful roots and rich musical heritage. Everything which exists in Big Head Bandz world generates from out of the mud via Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC. His latest single, ‘Emotional,’ blends intricate wordplay into soulful lyrics of aspiration and street politics. Stream ‘Emotional‘ on all platforms.   


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