ELEVENNYNE is A Film Director and Music Exec All In One

March 20, 2022 0

IMG_2543 ELEVENNYNE is A Film Director and Music Exec All In One

ELEVENNYNE is definitely one of a kind when it comes to new school entrepreneurs. He has his hands tied in projects with some of the biggest companies and celebrity acts in the world. ELEVNNYNE is currently the executive director over at Universal Music Group’s Bungalo Records label. This label is the home to some of the biggest artists in the world. 

Since jumping into the music game, ELEVENNYNE has discovered his newly found passion for movie directing and producing. He’s currently in the process of releasing an independent film called “Adam & Eve”, which the globally known actor Brian Hooks will be starring in. Brian Hooks is most known by his viewers for playing roles in movies like Soul Plane, or 3 Strikes. Make sure to check out this film when it is released sometime in April of 2022. 

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