Fat Money drops debut album ‘Money Got Wings’ produced by Cardo Got Wings

August 5, 2022 0

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A respected rhymer in the Chicago-area rap scene and beyond, Fat Money (fka Ty Money) is ready to make his official reintroduction with his debut album Money Got Wings dropping this Friday, August 5th! Money has built a notable career, becoming known for the six volumes of his Cinco De Money mixtape series that brought listeners to the notoriously rough block of 147th St. and Sibley Blvd in Harvey, IL through his narratively sharp, emotionally nuanced lyrics. The street tales he chronicled on these tapes were dark and grimy, captivating listeners with every word he spits. Money Got Wings is equally as captivating, yet, in line with his reinvention from Ty Money, he’s in a different bag and tells the street stories in a new way. 

The debut album finds Fat Money in a less grim, more flex-heavy bag. Teaming up with multi-platinum producer Cardo Got Wings and more, and with a feature from Chicago’s own Bump J, Fat Money’s debut is reminiscent of the pre-drill Chicago sound. While he still relays street tales, such as being introduced to street life by his father’s illicit activities during his childhood on album highlight “2004,” his sound is more polished and precise. Money’s lyrical abilities are undeniable, just ask Pusha T. His recent work with Kanye on Donda 2 and Dr. Dre, who he’s been writing in the studio with, has helped him tap more into ways to elevate his sound, like with enticing hooks. Money has been gearing up for the album with recent cinematic videos “Part 1: Introskii & 400 Degrees” and “Part 2: Bag From Hell, Aww Man, & 2004,” spitting relentlessly over Cardo’s striking production as he delivers feverish flexes from start to finish. With a career’s worth of momentum behind him, and his debut album on the way, Fat Money is ready to continue his ascension to his rightful place among rap royalty.

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