Inf Grizzy Delivers New Album to the World: “Addicted”

July 11, 2022 0

1987-500x333 Inf Grizzy Delivers New Album to the World: "Addicted"

Jersey Shore native, Inf Grizzy, has unleashed his new album, “Addicted” which showcases his eclecticism and talent! The project displays genres such as, Hip Hop, R&B, club music, and street anthems among the 14 tracks! The project was developed under a joint venture between High Rollin Entertainment and Legaset Entertainment. Due to the intricacies of the album, Inf Grizzy worked diligently for a year, capturing each vibe and sound carefully. Inf Grizzly expressed, “It’s been a long time coming and now it’s finally here.”

ADDICTED-3-copy-500x500 Inf Grizzy Delivers New Album to the World: "Addicted"

Inf Grizzy’s supporters have given him positive feedback thus far and it’s only the beginning! The fans are talking; saying that the album displays the vibrant life at the Jersey Shore…the East Coast rockstar lifestyle. As Inf Grizzy climbs his way to the top, be sure to follow him on his journey in the music business with more releases to come!


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