JoshfromYNC & Benzino is working on a new movie

July 1, 2022 0

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Joshua Heatherington known as JoshfromYNC is working on a movie with Hip-hop legend Benzino. Heatherington is a native of Wheeling, West Virginia, and loves helping out his community with more opportunities for upcoming actors, actresses, models, artists, ball players, etc. they are going to be directing it, writing it, and starring in it. The name of the movie is called Only I can see they team up with Corley white aka Yung curl an entrepreneur from Pittsburgh Pa. Curl has worked on a couple of movies already with JoshfromYNC called get lost with Fat Boy SSE, Justina Valentine, Shiggy & more. Another movie they are 90% finished with is called One Mic starring the legendary rap group Onyx. They are taking the whole industry by storm from music to movies. Big s/o to the Mayor of DMV management for doing such an amazing job on the West Virginia rapper Joshua Heatherington. Benzino is one of the co-founders of the source magazine and is a star of the famous love n Hip-hop reality tv show. These three are putting together a masterpiece and are looking for the next stars to put in their new upcoming film. To audition for this film reach out to @joshfromync @mayorofdmv @yung_curlt.k or on Twitter @iambenzino

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